3 Day Leadership & Management Course for Doctors

Medical leadership management course for doctors. 3 days on how to lead people, manage change and resources and engage with the NHS. 18 CPD pts.

Explore the concepts and application of medical leadership and management in-depth by combining three key 1-day courses on consecutive days and save £180 compared to booking them separately. FMLM accredited. Read More

3 Day Medical Leadership & Management Course third day
  • 3 day interactive course
  • Tutor-led in our Virtual Classroom
  • The leadership of people in healthcare
  • Motivation and influence for high performance
  • Managing time and resources for optimal impact
  • Analysis, planning and implementation
  • Explore the NHS – improve everyday leadership
  • 18 CPD points. Accredited by the FMLM
  • Virtual Classroom option includes online courses for an extra 8 CPD pts
  • Flexible payment options
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Date Range

Location Date Price Availability Quantity
Virtual Classroom 10th Jun 2024 08:45 - 12th Jun 2024 17:00 (BST) £697.00



Virtual Classroom 1st Aug 2024 08:45 - 3rd Aug 2024 17:00 (BST) £697.00



Course Description

FMLM Accredited Course Marque

3-Day Leadership & Management Course for Doctors overview

This comprehensive option combines three of our 1-day medical leadership and management courses over consecutive days. It offers you the opportunity to explore the subject in both breadth and depth. The three 1-day courses are:

Choosing this option saves you £180 compared to selecting each of the one day courses on separate occasions. This course is accredited by the Faculty of Medical Leadership & Management. You receive a certificate for 18 CPD points when you complete all three days. Packages for courses taking place in the Virtual Classroom include access to online courses which mean you can gain an addition 8 CPD points.

What will I learn?

The purpose of the course is to develop your medical leadership and management in both breadth and depth. So each of the three days on the programme has its own defined focus.

Day 1: ‘Get things done through taking the lead and managing people’.

Getting things done often means involving other people. So we focus on the behaviours required for good leadership and management. Key topics on this day are:

  • High performing teams and the leader’s role. Clarify how teams develop, their requirements for functioning well and reasons for dysfunctional teams.
  • Leadership and management style and substance. Identify your style and how to adapt.
  • Engagement, motivation and influence. Establish a range of effective tactics to positively affect the behaviours of others.
  • Leading innovation and leading consistency. Experiment with methods for each and explore the possibilities for utilising the alternative approaches.
  • Dealing with under-performance. Consider the reasons for under-performance and methods of taking appropriate action.

Day 2: ‘Get things done through organising people, projects and resources’.

If you want to make things happen then you need to know how. So here, we focus on the methods and processes you need to lead change effectively and efficiently. Key topics are:

  • Root cause analysis. How to establish what has happened and why it has happened, so you know what needs to change.
  • Developing aims and objectives. How to define what you want to achieve as a result of your analysis.
  • Developing robust, realistic plans. Methods for preparing how both yourself and others will take action to ensure you achieve your aims.
  • Delivery and implementation. Make it happen through effective delegation, addressing procrastination and managing interruptions.
  • Time management and personal effectiveness. Develop essential skills for making sure you get the most from each day and to optimise efficiency.

Day 3: Learn how to interact with the system you work within to improve your everyday contribution.

If you want to contribute to making things better, then you need to know the system. So the focus this time is on establishing how it works, the principles and issues, who does what, how things connect and how you can play an active part.  Key topics for this day are:

  • What’s wrong with the NHS? We consider the tensions which exist between the various aims of the system.
  • Drivers, reactions and experiences of change. Explore the reasons why change takes place and typical reactions that we experience along the choices that we have.
  • The history of the NHS. Establish how we ended up where we are today and what can be learned from the past so you can play your part for a better future.
  • Structures of the NHS. Clarify who does what and the differences across the four nations of the UK.
  • Finance and the NHS. Discover how the money flows, where it comes from and where it goes.
  • Finally, identify how you, as an individual and team member, can make a worthwhile difference.

What is the format?

In keeping with the majority of our courses, the 3 Day leadership & Management Course for Doctors is limited to 18 delegates. This enables genuinely interactive sessions for you where you can learn both from our experienced Faculty of Tutors and from your fellow delegates. We use a broad range of approaches including small group exercises, large group discussions, input from your tutor and quiet reflection time to collect your own thoughts.  This variety sustains your attention across all three days which start at 09:00 and typically end 1630-17:00. Finish time is dependent on delegate numbers and interaction.

One of our experienced Management Consultants support your first two days of the course. Your third day is always led by an NHS Consultant level doctor with teaching experience. We select your tutors from our faculty based on their knowledge of the subject matter and, of course, their ability to facilitate your development.

You also receive three of our books when you attend as part of your delegate package:

These are provided as digital versions when you book a Virtual Classroom course. The books support your learning during the course as well as providing an excellent resource for your future reference.

You also receive access to our NHS & UK Medical Regulation Video Tutorials giving you the opportunity to gain a further 2 CPD points.

What’s different about courses in the Virtual Classroom?

Courses in our Virtual Classrooms cover the same content as our face-to-face courses. We use secure video meeting software for this format. This enables your tutor to lead group interaction where you learn together with other doctors. Maximum numbers are reduced from 18 to 9 to make this possible. So you receive the same CPD certificate as you would at any of our other venues. If you book this format you receive the digital versions of the three guidebooks.

As an added bonus, you also have complimentary access to the Compassionate Leadership pack of online courses. So you have the opportunity to gain an additional 8 CPD points. The three online courses which you receive in this collection are:

You receive separate certificates for each of these online courses as evidence of further training. Please note. These additional online courses are only provided as part of your package when your course takes place in our Virtual Classroom.

Award for top medical staff training and development company UK 2022

Is this medical leadership and management course right for me?

This course is ideal for doctors who want to dedicate time to exploring leadership and management in both breadth and depth. It’s FMLM accredited because it maps to their Leadership and Management Standards for Medical Professionals. So doctors of all levels – from Foundation to Consultants and GPs – give us positive feedback regarding their experience. You can read their unedited reviews on TrustPilot. You may be seeking new models and structures to improve your ways of working or to run a project. Or you may want to simply review your skills and share your experiences as a means of building on your current abilities. Either way, your tutors will support you in achieving your aims. It’s also an excellent way to gain a significant number of  CPD points.  You receive a certificate for 18 CPD points on completion of the 3-day course.

Many doctors use their certificate from this course as evidence of leadership and management training to support their application for CT, IMT or ST programmes, to gain their CESR or to achieve their CCT.

What alternative/additional courses should I consider?

You may of course prefer to do any one, or any permutation, of our 1-day leadership and management courses which collectively make up the 3-day course.  Alternatively, you can opt for our 2 Day Medical Leadership & Management Course which combines the Essentials of Medical Leadership & Management with the Practical Leadership & Management Course for Doctors.

If you want to explore conflict or negotiation then our 1-day Advanced Team Communication Skills Course for Doctors, where we cover these subjects in depth, will be a good option for you.

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