2 Day Advanced Communication Skills Course for Doctors

Communication Skills Course for Doctors from Oxford Medical combines our Team and Patient Communication skills 1-day courses to save you £140. 12 CPD points. Read More

  • Combines the Advanced Team and Advanced Patient Communication Skills Courses
  • What needs to be communicated and why
  • Factors which impact upon communication
  • Increasing personal awareness
  • Influence and concordance
  • Breaking bad news
  • Handling complaints and dealing with conflict
  • Accredited for 12 CPD points
  • Virtual Classroom option includes online courses for an extra 5 CPD pts
  • Flexible payment options
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Date Range

Location Date Price Availability Quantity
Virtual Classroom 1st Jul 2024 08:45 - 2nd Jul 2024 17:00 (BST) £438.00

Fully Booked

Virtual Classroom 23rd Jul 2024 08:45 - 24th Jul 2024 17:00 (BST) £438.00

Fully Booked

Virtual Classroom 22nd Aug 2024 08:45 - 23rd Aug 2024 17:00 (BST) £438.00



Virtual Classroom 23rd Sep 2024 08:45 - 24th Sep 2024 17:00 (BST) £438.00



Virtual Classroom 16th Oct 2024 08:45 - 17th Oct 2024 17:00 (BST) £438.00



Virtual Classroom 6th Nov 2024 08:45 - 7th Nov 2024 17:00 (GMT) £438.00



Virtual Classroom 25th Nov 2024 08:45 - 26th Nov 2024 17:00 (GMT) £438.00



Course Description

Award for top medical staff training and development company UK 2022

Why the 2-day Advanced Communication Skills Course for Doctors?

The importance of effective communication skills for doctors in modern healthcare is now well recognised. The quality of your interactions with both patients and colleagues directly impact experience, efficiency and outcomes. So highest standards are now an expectation of Good Medical Practice. Sadly, these skills are often taken for granted by too many doctors. Numerous reports over the years have identified the real consequences of shortfalls. Thankfully, the revalidation processes require doctors to maintain and develop skills across the entire scope of their practice.

Choose our 2-Day Advanced Communication Skills Course for Doctors as a comprehensive and efficient method to refresh and improve your abilities.

What’s the format?

The Francis report highlights the role of effective team communication in reducing risk and error. So we dedicate one day of the course to Advanced Team Communication Skills. We challenge you to think again about how you interact with colleagues of all grades. We explore listening skills to ensure everyone concerned hears what needs to be heard. Then we cover influencing and assertiveness strategies. These help you with those tough conversations you need to have from time to time. They also help you contribute more and become a more supportive team member. Patient care improves by getting the right message across, first time, every time to your team. So, these methods save you both time and energy with a positive impact on standards.

Issues with communication and behaviour are often listed among the top reasons for patient complaints. Reports of this nature are always disappointing. The impact of patient-doctor alignment on outcomes is well documented. Unfortunately, achieving this can often be challenging. At the toughest end of the scale are the considerable demands of breaking bad news. So we dedicate half of this 2-day course to Advanced Patient Communications. On this day, we turn our attention to the doctor-patient relationship. Our approach is to build upon your existing knowledge and experience. We introduce you to new concepts and use exercises to increase your self-awareness. We also explore stress and the factors which affect behaviour. Along the way, you can practise difficult scenarios in a safe environment. We aim to develop your empathy, efficacy, efficiency and personal resilience for a positive impact all round.

What supporting materials do I receive?

As soon as you register, you receive 60 days of access to Healthy Teams in Healthcare. It’s an optional 1-hour online course which you can use to stimulate your thinking ahead of the 2-day course. This gives you the opportunity to start learning immediately and gain a further 1 CPD point. You also receive two books as part of your package: Team Communication for Healthcare Professionals and Advanced Patient Communication Skills for Doctors. These are the print editions when you attend the course in-person and the digital versions when you book a Virtual Classroom course. We utilise these books at various points during the day and they are also excellent resources for future reference.

What’s different about courses in the Virtual Classroom?

Courses in our Virtual Classrooms interactively cover the same content as our face-to-face courses. We use secure video meeting software for this format. This enables your tutor to lead group interaction where you learn together with other doctors. So you will receive the same CPD certificate as you would at any of our other venues. If you book a Virtual Classroom course, then you receive the digital copies of the two books. That’s Team Communication for Healthcare Professionals and Advanced Patient Communication Skills for Doctors.

As an added bonus, you also have complimentary access to our Communication Skills Online Course Bundle (normal retail price £250). This bundle contains two online courses with the opportunity to gain an additional 5 CPD points. First, there’s the Medical Team Communication Skills Online Course (2 CPD points). Then there’s the Advancing Patient Communication Skills Online Course (3 CPD points). You receive separate certificates when you complete these courses as proof of further communication skills training. Please note. These additional online courses are only provided as part of your package when your course takes place in our Virtual Classroom.

What other communication skills courses should I consider?

Our 2-Day Advanced Communication Skills Course for Doctors gives you the opportunity to access two 1-day courses on consecutive days. You can of course opt to attend either one or other of these courses. Click the links below for more detailed descriptions and dates:

If you’re not ready to book yet or are unsure if you can actually benefit from attending a communication skills course, then take a couple of minutes to read this post from our popular blog. Can doctors really improve communication skills?

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