Junior Doctor Panel

What is the Oxford Medical Junior Doctor Panel?

Our aim is to develop your abilities so that you can maximise your potential via our various courses, services and materials. If we are to do this effectively, then it’s important that we have a firm grasp on the varied experiences of doctors at all stages from medical student through training programmes and beyond.

Our Junior Doctor Panel are a small group of medical students and junior doctors working in different roles who share their experiences with us and with you via blog-posts and interviews that we share on our website and across social media. They share their success and challenges, what helped them and what has hindered them, along with their thoughts on how to progress and what they have learned along the way.

Whether you are just starting your career or in a senior position and supporting the development of others, it’s well worth listening to and learning from their experiences.

In return, we provide our panel members with free access to a number our courses to support them with their development.

You will find their reflections and contributions on our News & Insights webpage.

Meet the members of our Junior Doctor Panel:

Dionne Meikle – 5th Year Medical Student, Edinburgh

  • Starting as a 5th Year medical Student – In this video, Dionne shares the moments she’s enjoyed most, some key learning points and the teaching methods used by doctors supporting her development that have had greatest benefit.
  • Preparing for OSCEs – Dionne looks ahead to taking her OSCEs, considering how to effectively prepare and how other people can help.
Andrew Whitehead FY1

Andrew Whitehead – FY1, Derbyshire

  • My first month as a doctor – In this blog post, Andrew considers the challenges of managing imposter syndrome during his first month.

Ella Maxwell – FY1, Perthshire

Mel Coulson – Clinical Education Fellow, London

Bhavik Pankhania – GPST, Middlesex

  • My first weeks as a GPST – Bhavik shares what he’s enjoyed, what’s helped, what’s hindered, what’s surprised him and what he’s focused on next in this video post.