Online Career Development Collections

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Oxford Medical Training’s Online Career Development Collections make it easier for you to choose the best set of courses to fulfil your specific development needs and save you money. Our online courses offer you an excellent, convenient and flexible way to develop your skills. We’ve created them to provide you with an engaging quality learning experience anywhere you have an internet connection and at a time that suits you. They are all CPD accredited and presented in a modular format. So you can choose whether to complete them in short bursts or in one concentrated sitting. Our flexible payment options are available on all courses and collections.

What’s the best collection for me?

Scroll down the page for headline descriptions, then click the links for more detail and to make your choice. If you would like to view or download a PDF summary table of the courses included in the various collections,then click here.

The Complete Online Career Development Pack

The Career Progression Online Course Pack

The Essential Online Career Development Pack

The Developmental Leadership Online Pack

The Compassionate Leadership Online Pack

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The Teaching & Mentoring Online Course Pack

The Leading & Teaching Online Course Pack

The Leading & Mentoring Online Course Pack

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The Team Leadership Online Course Pack

The Communication Skills Online Course Pack

Expanded Consultant Interview Online Preparation Pack