Teach the Teacher Online Course


Teach the Teacher Online Course from Oxford Medical guides you to design training for doctors and assess impact. 3 CPD. Buy now for instant access.

An online course that can be used as stand-alone training or as a supplement to our 2-day course.

  • Education theory
  • Assessing training requirements
  • Defining training content
  • Guidance on training delivery
  • Assessing the impact of your training
  • Accredited for 3 CPD points
  • Flexible payment options

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Mentoring Skills for Doctors Online Course

Mentoring helps doctors become independent capable critical-thinkers. Develop your skills with this interactive online course from Oxford Medical. 3 CPD.


Teach the Teacher Online Course Overview

Every year we train over 2,000 doctors on our renowned 2-day Teach the Teacher Course for Doctors. We’ve used our experience to develop this popular online course. It gives you an excellent learning experience whether you use it as a stand-alone activity or as a supplement to the 2-day course. We guide you through the process of designing, delivering and evaluating the plan for a training activity.

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What’s the format?

The course is split into 14 short modules meaning you can access and complete each stage when you have time available. You can choose to do it all in one intensive session. Alternatively you may prefer to work in short bursts over a number of days or even weeks. This could be during your breaks or even on the move. Once subscribed, the course index advises you how long each section is likely to take to complete. It also indicates where you will be required to spend a little time on offline to develop a training plan of your own as part of the process. This training plan may be for a real teaching activity that you expect to deliver – or it could be fictitious. It’s entirely up to you.

The entire course is likely to take you between 3 and 3.5 hours, including the offline tasks. However, you are free spend as long as you wish, re-watching the videos, revisiting sections or spending longer on developing your planning exercise in detail.  Your subscription gives you 120 days of unlimited access the materials. So you can choose the approach that works best for your situation and requirements.

At the end of the course we ask you to complete a reflective learning statement. When you submit this to us, we send you a certificate of completion which is accredited for 3 CPD points. We forward our certificate within 10 working days of receiving your reflective learning statement. If you require your certificate more urgently for any reason then please contact us and we will make appropriate arrangements for you.

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How do I access my Teach the Teacher Online Course?

As soon as you complete your purchase you receive an automated email with a link to access the course. Once logged in you can access the course at any time from the link in your email or via the ‘My Account’ section of our website.

Your subscription gives you 120 days of unlimited access to the online course materials commencing from the date of purchase.

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Additional information

CPD Points


Module 01


Module 02

Education & Psychology – What do we all have in common?

Module 03

Education & Psychology – We're all different!

Module 04

Knowledge, Skills & Attitude

Module 05

Training Analysis

Module 06

Defining Objectives & Outcomes

Module 07

Training Design

Module 08

Training Approach

Module 09

Observation & Feedback Skills

Module 10

Considering Risk & Validity

Module 11

Questioning Skills

Module 12

Assessment, Appraisal & Evaluation

Module 13

A Collection of Theories

Module 14

Final Reflections

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