A Guide to Medical Leadership & the NHS 2022-23


Explore the UK healthcare system. Develop your ability to engage with others on the subject.

  • Improve everyday leadership by understanding the system
  • Conflicting challenges facing the NHS
  • Drivers and experiences of change
  • NHS history structures and finances
  • The different approaches across the UK
  • All information is related to medical leadership
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The NHS is huge and complex. The numerous organisations which form its constituent parts continually evolve, divide, grow and merge. Processes, authority and responsibilities forever shift with each change of the political winds. How can any single person ever expect to exert a worthwhile degree of influence, even if they wanted to?

Over the course of 180 pages, ‘A Guide to Medical Leadership & The NHS 2022-23’  explores the history, structures and finance of the NHS. We consider the key drivers of organisational change, the conflicting challenges facing the NHS and the different approaches being taken by each of the four home nations of the UK. Revised August 2022, we continually relate the ‘big’ topics to everyday leadership for doctors and clinicians of all disciplines.

This digital book includes exercises which are designed to help you develop your thoughts and experiences by committing them to writing.  Our digital download PDF, updated August 2022, has been created with this in mind, and allows you type in responses to exercises within the digital document which can then be saved for future reference.

Please note: If you book to attend our Everyday Medical Leadership & The NHS course then you receive copy of this book as part of your package.

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Chapter 1:  Introduction

1.01 ‘A moral and professional responsibility’

1.02 About this book

1.02 Your current perceptions

Chapter 2: What is wrong with the NHS?

2.01 What do you think?

2.02 Financial headlines

2.03 The triple aim and the triple tension

2.04 Politics and inconsistency

2.05 Vacancies

2.06 Inequality and diversity issues

2.07 Errors

2.08 Behaviour

2.09 Workfoce morale

2.10 Burnout

2.11 What does the British public think?

2.12 What do patients and their carers think?

Chapter 3: Drivers, reactions and experiences of change

3.01 Can there be a positive way forward?

3.02 The case for teamwork

3.03 The case for leadership

3.04 Compassionate leadership

3.05 Evidence-based medical leadership

3.06 Typical reactions to change

3.07 What is changing at present?

3.08 Drivers of change: PESTLE

3.09 PESTLE interactions and impact

3.10 Choosing your response to change

3.11 Clinical Governance

Chapter 4: The history of the NHS

4.01 Why is history important?

4.02 The birth of the NHS

4.03 Founding principles of the NHS

4.04 Prescription charges – an early change

4.05 A history of innovation, progress and achievement

4.06 From innovation to expectation to complacency

4.07 Key reports and restructures

4.08 Five Year Forward View (5YFV) – England

4.09 The Long Term Plan – England

4.10 Health and Care Act 2022 – England

4.11 Future direction across the UK

Chapter 5: Structures of the NHS

5.01 Who are ‘The NHS’?

5.02 Elements common to all four NHS systems

5.03 The structure of the NHS in England

5.04 The structure and direction of the NHS is Scotland

5.05 The structure and direction of the NHS in Wales

5.06 The structure and direction of the NHS in Northern Ireland

5.07 Your interaction within the structure

Chapter 6: Finance and the NHS

6.01 Where does the money come from?

6.02 The deficit

6.03 How does the money flow?

6.04 Population age distribution

6.05 The impact of lifestyle

6.06 Comparisons with different countries

6.07 Differences in spending within the UK

6.08 The NHS workforce

6.09 Property costs

6.10 ‘Unwarranted variations’

6.11 An ‘ethical duty to prevent waste’

6.12 Difficult decisions

Chapter 7:  Going forward

7.01 Dare to be optimistic for the NHS?

7.02 Your reflections


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