Practical Leadership & Management for Doctors


A guide to getting things done through the management of people, projects and resources. From root-cause-analysis to planning and implementation, including time management and decision making.


  • A comprehensive guide and reference book
  • Organising people, projects and resources
  • Root cause analysis
  • Planning and implementation
  • Time management and delegation
  • Managing yourself for optimum impact
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If you enjoy learning through reading then our comprehensive, 135 page book, Practical Leadership & Management for Doctors, is an excellent resource for you.  The focus is on supporting you to get things done through the organisation and management of people, projects and resources.  It is your choice whether you read from start-to-finish or dip in to each section as and when it seems most relevant to you. Either way, we help you to explore a variety of concepts and models which are simple enough to learn quickly and powerful enough to adapt to a broad range of situations – from short-notice intense meetings through to complex projects, such as developing a service or quality improvement projects.  At all times, the ideas,models and concepts are related to the healthcare environment and to your role as a doctor.

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Please note: All delegates who attend our 1-day Practical Leadership & Management Course for Doctors receive a paperback copy of this book at the event as part of their package.

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Chapter 1:  Introduction

1.01       About this book

1.02       Time management

1.03       Where are you at present?

Chapter 2: Aim-Plan-Do-Review

2.01       The basic principle

2.02       Aim-Plan-Do-Review at its simplest level

2.03       Aim-Plan-Do-Review and effective meetings

2.04       Aim-Plan-Do-Review and projects

2.05       Aim-Plan-Do-Review and managing underperformance

2.06       Where to start with Aim-Plan-Do-Review?

Chapter 3: Review – cause and effect

3.01       Review and learning

3.02       Understanding cause and effect

3.03       The power of questions

3.04       Five Whys and deeper level questioning

3.05       The Fishbone approach

3.06       Contributory Factors Classification Framework

3.07       Applying these principles to impacts

3.08       Root and branch tree diagrams

3.09       Things go well as well as wrong!

3.10       Try it out

3.11       Healthcare versus Aviation

3.12       Hindsight and ‘creeping determinism’

3.13       What to do with this information?

Chapter 4: Aim – what is required?

4.01       Aims, objectives, goals, outcome, targets….

4.02       The Explicit Challenge

4.03       Different levels for Aims

4.04       Aims and motivation

4.05       Start with Why

4.06       Objectives which are SMART, CLEAR and PURE

4.07       Aims expressed as a vision statement

4.08       Aims Grids for small projects

4.09       Ongoing development of Aims

4.10       Identifying stakeholders

4.11       Icarus, Daedalus and Goldilocks

Chapter 5: Plan – how will we achieve our Aims?

5.01       An overview of the Plan stage

5.02       Plan to do more or plan to do less

5.03       Stones in a bucket

5.04       The Urgent/Important Grid

5.05       Assessing importance

5.06       Planning stakeholder engagement

5.07       In-scope, out-of-scope and the ‘Don’t-do’ list

5.08       Scheduling and the basic timeline

5.09       Scheduling concurrent activities

5.10       Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly…..

5.11       Resource requirements

5.12       Accountable, Responsible, Consulted, Informed

5.13       Risk and Issues

5.14       Planning and organisation of information

5.15       Communicating your plans

5.16       Aim-Plan-STOP?

Chapter 6: Do – time for action

6.01       The easy bit?

6.02       Personality preferences and getting things done

6.03       Why do we procrastinate?

6.04       Overcoming procrastination – reviewing Aims

6.05       Overcoming procrastination – reviewing Plan

6.06       Overcoming procrastination – developing resilience

6.07       Inactivity while waiting for others

6.08       Interruptions and distractions

6.09       Effective delegation

6.10       Aim-Plan-Do-Review throughout ‘Do’

Chapter 7: ….and back to Review

7.01       Where are we now?

7.02       Gibb’s Model of Reflection

7.03       Deciding what to do next

7.04       Change Control


A.01       References

A.02       Aims Grid

A.03       Stakeholder versus Interest Grid

A.04       Project Charter structure

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