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We understand that you might not be ready or able to invest in one of our courses or online courses just yet. So we offer you some free information to help you start preparing for interview or planning your career development. From this page you can access to:

  • Consultant Medical Interview Free Advice
  • ST & CT Medical Interview Quick Guide
  • Career Development Courses Quick Guide
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Consultant Medical Interview Free Advice

Consultant Interview Panel

The Consultant Interview is a major obstacle which you must overcome to secure the post you have strived for over the years. We’ve been preparing doctors for interview since 2004. Would you like an overview of what to expect and how to begin your preparations? Then this is a great place to start.

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ST & CT Medical Interview Quick Guide

ST & CT Medical Interview Quick Guide

Securing the place on the training programme of your choice is a crucial point which will shape your future career. The stakes are high and the competition is fierce. Setting aside the time to ensure that you are ready is therefore imperative. Our full range of dedicated courses, online support and guidebooks is outlined for you in the Medical Interview Skills section of our website. You can access this via the ‘Courses’ tab at the top of the page. Meantime, our free ST & CT Medical Interview Quick Guide, which takes you between five to ten minutes to read, helps you to kick start your preparations.

In this short guide we start with an overview of the interview before describing the most common key stations which you can expect. We then outline three key areas for you to focus your preparation and give you some tips along the way. Enter your details in the boxes below and we will send you our ST & CT Medical Interview Quick Guide by email immediately.

Career Development Courses Quick Guide

Career Development Courses

We divide the various course, online support and guide books which we provide into four headline sections:

  • Medical Teaching Skills
  • Medical Leadership & Management
  • Medical Interview Skills
  • Communication Skills

The easiest way to access each section is via the ‘Courses’ tab at the top of this page. Each of our services has its own section on the website which gives you a full description. Alternatively you may prefer to download this quick guide which will give you an overview. Enter your details in the boxes below and we will forward you the Career Development Courses Quick Guide.

News & Insights


The News & Insights section of our website is another excellent free resource.  This is where we regularly post thought provoking articles, relating the news-of-the-day to your everyday-practice as a doctor. In addition to considering the latest reports and headlines we look to learn from people as diverse as Einstein and Confucius to Lionel Messi and Kurt Cobain. You are bound to find something to stimulate your thinking within the dozens of posts in this section.

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