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Sunny-side up: naive or positive?

Stephen McGuire-Wednesday, 12 September 2018-

How can performance be improved without a focus on the problems?

Practical steps for burnout prevention

Stephen McGuire-Tuesday, 4 September 2018-

Are stress management initiatives focusing in the right place?

Hard realities of ‘soft-skills’ failures by doctors

Stephen McGuire-Wednesday, 22 August 2018-

Does the term diminish importance of this key area?

Updated: A Guide to Medical Leadership & The NHS 2018-19

Stephen McGuire-Monday, 6 August 2018-

Updated with all the latest information for 2018-19

Matt Hancock’s heartbreak and NHS Improvement’s solution

Stephen McGuire-Tuesday, 24 July 2018-

What's causing the new Health Secretary's pain? Can you help out in any way doctor?

New team doctor? Free online CPD course to help you prepare

Stephen McGuire-Monday, 23 July 2018-

Get this 1-hour online CPD course for free. Usually £40. Offer has ended.

Newest locations: Bristol & Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Stephen McGuire-Thursday, 14 June 2018-

Introductory offer for courses in two new locations

The true purpose of a Consultant Interview

Stephen McGuire-Wednesday, 13 June 2018-

What are the panel really looking for from you?

Trouble saying what needs to be said?

Stephen McGuire-Thursday, 7 June 2018-

Do your colleagues hear what you need them hear?

Is reflective practice really a risky business?

Stephen McGuire-Thursday, 17 May 2018-

Are recent concerns justified? How can doctors explore their experiences without fear?

One simple action to solve the NHS problems?

Stephen McGuire-Tuesday, 8 May 2018-

Is there something you can do to save this 70 year old patient?

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