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Peace of mind

Book your course with confidence

Outlining your training options, safeguards and our short-term transfer policy during the current wave of the pandemic.

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A mentoring conversation

Who is your mentor?

Everybody benefits from having a mentor. But what actually do mean by being a mentor and how can you become a great mentor?

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Doctors with political attitudes

How political should a doctor be?

Leading doctors have been centre stage in the public eye during the pandemic but how political should individual doctors be?

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Team with common values

Why bother with organisation values?

Health and social care organisations’ value statements are generic platitudes that are far from the realities. So what’s the point?

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Pound signs

Imposition or investment?

What do you think of the latest announcements about funding health and social care? Does your opinion matter?

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Helping someone find a good balance

If not now, when?

When is the right time to resolve issues with the NHS and care systems?

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