Consultant Medical Interview Guide 2024-25


The essential guide to your Consultant Interview, chosen by over 1,000 doctors in the past year.

  • Step by step guide for your interview preparation
  • Chosen by over 1,000 doctors each year
  • Prepare to present yourself at your best
  • Know yourself, the job, the system and what’s hot
  • Interview performance techniques
  • 400+ Consultant interview practice questions

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Consultant Medical Interview Guide Overview

Your consultant interview is the culmination of years of training. To ensure success it is essential to prepare to present yourself at your very best.

Each year, more than 1,000 doctors choose this book to support their preparation for the big event. This includes those who have received a copy as part of their Consultant Interview Course package or gained access via the Consultant Interview Online Preparation option. The 2024-25 version is a comprehensive, 220-page manual which details what to expect from your interview process. We take a structured approach to helping you to prepare for optimal performance, informed by experienced NHS consultants from the Oxford Medical Faculty of Tutors. The wealth of information includes an overview of the specific structures and direction of the NHS in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. We also provide you with advice and over 400 consultant interview level questions to help you practice.

What is the format?

Choose between a PDF download for instant easy access or a printed book to receive by post when you place your order.  You will find a mix of informative text and exercises to conduct.  These exercises are designed to help make your thoughts and experiences explicit by committing them to writing.  The non-printable PDF version now works equally well as the printed copy in this respect as you can type your responses to the various exercises into the document and save this for future reference.

Please note: 

  • You gain instant access to an online read-only version of this guide when you book the Consultant Interview Course and receive your printed copy when you attend the event as part of your package.
  • You also gain instant access to the online read-only version of this guide when you purchase the Consultant Interview Online Preparation as part of your package.

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Chapter 1:  Introduction

1.01 Purpose of a Consultant medical interview

1.02 The aim of this book

1.03 Advance preparation or last-minute rush?

1.04 What will constitute a good performance for you?

Chapter 2: Overview of the Consultant Interview process

2.01 Recruitment process from the organisation’s perspective

2.02 Overview from your perspective as an applicant

2.03 Your application

2.04 Preliminary visits

2.05 The interview panel

2.06 The interview – a typical flow

2.07 Further possibilities for the selection process

2.08 What should not happen

2.09 Online interviews

Chapter 3: Knowing the job

3.01 Researching the role, the team and the organisation

3.02 The job pack

3.03 Job description and job plan

3.04 Person specification or profile

Chapter 4: Knowing yourself

4.01 Preparing to be an evidence based interviewee

4.02 Clarifying your relationship to the role

4.03 Your career story

4.04 So, how good a doctor are you?

4.05 The experiences which show you at your best

4.06 Defining your strengths and best qualities

4.07 Make your key experiences memorable

4.08 Identifying your areas for development

4.09 Concluding Chapter 4

Chapter 5: Knowing the System

5.01 Relevance to the Consultant Interview

5.02 What the four UK nations have in common

5.03 Headlines differences in the NHS across the UK

5.04 Structure and direction of the NHS in England

5.05 Structure and direction of the NHS in Scotland

5.06 Structure and Direction of the NHS in Wales

5.07 Structure and direction of the ‘NHS’ in Northern Ireland

Chapter 6: Knowing what’s hot

6.01 How do you keep up to date with hot topics?

6.02  Political turmoil

6.03  Waiting times and the backlog

6.04 Integrating health and social care

6.05 Health Inequalities

6.06 The Future Doctor and workforce planning

6.07 Remote consultations and team communication

6.08 CQUINs and organisation target areas

6.09 Problematic behaviour and tox sub-cultures

6.10 Stress, burnout and resilience

6.11 Good Medical Practice 2024

Chapter 7: Mindset for a good performance on the day

7.01 What works for you?

7.02 Managing fear

7.03 Harnessing emotions

7.04 A model for resilience

7.05 Looking good, feeling good

7.06 Define your own tactics

Chapter 8: Delivering a presentation at interview

8.01 About this chapter

8.02 Presentation content preparation

8.03 Preparing yourself for a presentation

8.04 Delivering the presentation

8.05 Handling interruptions and questions

8.06 Defining a ‘good’ presentation performance

Chapter 9: Answering interview questions

9.01 Preparing for interview questions

9.02 What are you being asked?

9.03 Demonstrate you know the job role

9.04 Striking the right balance

9.05 Structuring a good interview response

9.06 Strengths and weaknesses?

Chapter 10: Examples of Consultant interview questions

10.01 Using this Chapter

10.02 Questions about career choices and motivations

10.03 Questions about leadership and working with others

10.04 Questions about planning and organising

10.05 Questions about developing yourself and others

10.06 Questions about research and audit

10.07 Questions about clinical governance

10.08 Questions about ethics and professional integrity

10.09 Questions about patient communication

10.10 Questions about current affairs and hot topics

10.11 Questions you should not normally be asked

Chapter 11: Final thoughts

11.01 Reflections and next steps

11.02  Final words from Oxford Medical Training


A.01 Excerpts from a real Consultant Anaesthetist job pack

A.02 Excerpts from a real Emergency Medicine Consultant job pack

A.03  Excerpts from a real Consultant General Surgeon job pack

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