Mentoring Skills for Doctors Online Course


Mentoring helps doctors become independent capable critical-thinkers. Develop your skills with this interactive online course from Oxford Medical. 3 CPD.

  • 3hr interactive online course
  • Detailed study of the mentor’s role and skills
  • How to support someone to develop expertise
  • Supporting someone through difficulties and change
  • Ethics of mentoring and maintaining standards
  • 3 CPD points, accredited by the FMLM
  • Flexible payment options


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Mentoring Skills for Doctors Online Course overview

The quickest way to find out about this course is to watch this 2 minute video.

What’s the format?

You have 120 days unlimited access to 15 short modules. So, you can decide whether to complete the course in one dedicated session, or to dip in and out over the coming weeks and months. You’ll find an engaging mix of videos, animations, infographics text and reflective exercises. Once you complete the course and forward us your Final Reflective Learning Statement, we provide you with a certificate for 3 CPD points.

What is the focus of this course?

We’ve designed it to improve your ability to support doctors to become independent, capable, critical-thinkers. Because mentoring takes place in many different situations, we consider this in both formal or informal contexts. This course sits primarily in our Medical Teaching Skills category. So, it’s ideal for doctors who want to further their training beyond our standard Teach the Teacher courses. It’s also listed in our Medical Leadership & Management category and accredited by the Faculty of Medical Leadership & Management. This is because the skills explored have direct relevance for supporting people through change and developing resilience.

We begin by using a simple analogy to clarify what being a mentor actually means. It helps us define the role and describe the top-level skills and approaches required. Mentoring is about working with people, often in challenging circumstances. So we cover some relevant psychology. This includes the experience of change and motivations, plus a reminder of adult learning and how we develop expertise. Next, we take an in-depth look at the mentors skill set. Along the way, we explore coaching, instructing, creating opportunities, feedback, critique and much more. We also consider what can go wrong, how to reduce the potential for difficulties and what to do if problems arise.

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Is this course right for me?

Our approach includes sharing facts and concepts, combined with a series of reflective exercises. These help you relate the content to your personal experiences and context and to make progress – wherever you are staring from. Here are some examples of activities where you will benefit from improving the skills explored in this course.

  • Informally supporting development of any doctor – from medical students, junior doctors and locums, all the way though to those in senior roles.
  • Leading people through change.
  • Supporting doctors through challenging experiences and to develop resilience.
  • Welcoming new team members or helping anyone who is taking on a new role.
  • Participating in a formal mentoring programme.
  • Working as an Educational Supervisor.
  • Working as an appraiser.

Every doctor should play a part in supporting others on the journey to becoming independent, capable, critical-thinkers. So, you will benefit from this course whether you are taking your earliest steps in your medical career, or at the highest levels of your organisation.

How do I access this distance learning material?

As soon as you complete your purchase you receive an automated email with a link to access the course. Once logged in you can access the course at any time from the link in your email or the ‘My Account’ section of our website.

Your subscription now gives you 120 days of unlimited access to the online course materials commencing from the date of purchase.

What other options are there?

Our range of Online Career Development Packs are collated to provide you with the opportunity to increase the breadth of your learning experience.

We have a variety of related courses in our Medical Teaching Skills range.

  • Teach the Teacher: Mentoring Skills for Doctors. A 1-day workshop with a similar focus to this course. This is a great way to learn with other people. 6 CPD points.  Please note: Mentoring Skills for Doctors Online Course is provided to 1-day Advanced Teach the Teacher: Mentoring Skills for Doctors delegates who book the course in our Virtual Classroom.
  • Teach the Teacher Course of Doctors. Our renowned 2-day course which is attended by well over 1,000 doctors each year. 12 CPD points.
  • Teach the Teacher Online Course. We explore the theory of adult education and guide your through the process of designing and evaluating a teaching session. 3 CPD points.

If it’s leading people through difficulties and change that interests you then our 1-day Essentials of Medical Leadership & Management course is also worth considering.

Additional information

Module 01

What is a mentor? Introducing 4 Facets of Mentoring

Module 02

Top level approaches to mentoring

Module 03

Motivations and social experience

Module 04

Adult learning and developing expertise

Module 05

The psychology of change

Module 06

Change as a process

Module 07

Where are we so far?

Module 08

Being a Guide

Module 09

Being a Coach

Module 10

Being a Facilitator

Module 11

Being a Resource

Module 12

Utilising the 4 Facets of Mentoring

Module 13

Getting started

Module 14

Ethics and maintaining standards for mentoring

Module 15

Final Reflections

CPD Points


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