ST & CT Medical Interview Guide 2020-21


The complete guide to success in your ST/CT Medical Interview with in-depth information, exercises and 200 practice questions.

  • Interview formats and content
  • Prepare to present yourself at your best
  • From career choices to ethical dilemmas and knowing the NHS
  • Interview performance techniques
  • Over 200 ST/CT interview practice questions

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The ST & CT interview is a rigorous examination of your abilities, experiences, motivations and potential. Competition rates for the most desirable training posts are extremely high. Our 105 page book guides you to prepare for success. You will benefit whether you are preparing well in advance, or having a last-minute rush.

Choose from:

  • Hard copy version of the guide sent by post
  • Non – printable PDF download only version

Both versions of the book provide a mix of informative text and exercises to help cement your learning.  The exercises are designed to help you retain your experiences and thoughts by putting them in writing. The downloadable file has recently been redesigned to allow you to type your responses and reflections directly into the PDF which can be then saved for future reference.

Competition rates for Specialist or Core Training posts in the UK are always high. On average, there are around two applicants for every position. Some specialties can have as many as 9 candidates or more for each post. The specific ratios for each post vary each year and can be hard to predict. The desire for each candidate to be successful, however, is a constant.

Our ST & CT Medical Interview Guide is the comprehensive resource for preparing to present yourself at your very best – the key to ensuring your success.

  • Discover what to expect from the various challenges and interview stations.
  • Work through exercises to establish the information and best examples of your experiences.
  • Explore good interview technique in order to perform at your best on the day.
  • Practise with over 200 example interview questions to anticipate the unexpected boost your confidence.

Please note:

  • You gain instant access to an online version of this guide when you book the ST & CT Medical Interview Course and receive a printed copy when you attend the event as part of your package.
  • You also gain instant access to the download version of this guide when you purchase the ST & CT Interview Online Preparation as part of your package.
  • Figures quoted exclude the recruitment related to General Practice ST1 positions.


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