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Practical Leadership & Management Course for Doctors

The 1-day course to help you get things done through organising people, projects and resources. Includes time-management, root-cause analysis, planning techniques and decision making.

Overview of the Practical Leadership & Management Course for Doctors

This is one of three distinct one-day courses from our Medical Leadership & Management range. On the Practical Leadership & Management Course for Doctors we focus on getting things done through the organisation and management of people, projects and resources. The positive implementation of these skills has been shown to have direct positive impacts on patient experience and outcomes, organisation efficiency and on clinicians’ personal satisfaction.  With applications ranging from everyday practice through to the management of serious incidents, the course maps directly to the Medical Leadership Competency Framework which was developed by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and the NHS Leadership Academy.

What will I learn?

During this one-day course your tutor introduces you to a variety of concepts and models. We know that you want to be able to apply what you learn.  We have therefore carefully selected each model to be simple enough to learn quickly, yet powerful enough to adapt to a broad range of situations: from research projects to audit; taking control of your personal development and revalidation process to developing a business case; preparing an essay to critical incident investigation; quality improvement projects to developing a new service; running an effective meeting and much, much more.  The key topics are:

  • Review and Root cause analysis
    • methods of reflection, review and investigation
    • establishing what has happened, why it has happened and clarifying impacts
  • Developing aims and objectives
    • defining what you want to achieve as a result of your analysis
  • Developing robust, realistic plans
    • preparing how both yourself and others will take action
  • Delivery and implementation
    • making it happen through effective delegation, addressing procrastination and managing interruptions
  • Time management and personal effectiveness

Is this course right for me?

Whether you are seeking to improve your personal effectiveness for daily practice or to deliver quality improvement in healthcare this course this course moves you forward. Your ability to effectively manage time, people and resources becomes increasingly important throughout your career. These skills take time to develop so it is never too early to begin learning and it is never too late to refresh and explore something new. We therefore recommend this course as suitable for doctors of all levels. In some situations you have a formal, leading role. At other times you are a participant in someone else’s project. In addition there are times when you are working entirely on your own. Your tutor takes care to make the various models, concepts and examples relevant to your experience and requirements.

What is the format?

The course is highly interactive, enabling you to learn from both your experienced tutor and your fellow delegates. This is made possible through our structure, maximum of 18 delegates, hands-on exercises, discussion groups and fresh input. The variety of activities holds your attention from the 09:00 start time through to the end of the day. (Typically 16:30-17:00 dependent on delegate numbers and interaction).

You also receive a copy of our comprehensive book Practical Leadership & Management for Doctors as part of your delegate package, (normal retail price £39.99 plus postage and packing). This supports your learning during the event and also provides an excellent resource for future reference.

What other courses should I consider?

The Practical Leadership & Management Course for Doctors develops your ability to get things done through organising people, projects and resources. If you would like to consider other courses from our Medical Leadership & Management range as additions or alternatives then we recommend looking at the following options:

One further option to consider, as either an alternative or add-on, is the Online Medical Leadership & Management CourseIt lets you learn and gain 3 CPD points whenever the time suits you.  Choose to do it in short bursts or in one sitting.

Would you like some help to make the best choice? Our website’s ‘Compare Course’ function lets you see side-by-side short descriptions of courses. Simply tick the ‘Compare Course’ box ( see below) for any courses which interest you, then click ‘Go’.

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Course Overview

  • One day course
  • Organising people, projects and resources
  • Review and Root cause analysis
  • Quality improvement planning and implementation
  • Time management and delegation
  • Managing yourself for optimum impact
  • Accredited for 6 CPD points
"Best course on the market. Previously I purchased another online course and also attended a course with other companies. This was way superior."
"I feel improved, encouraged, supported and motivated to flourish as a better teacher."
"Personalised and tailored to the needs of the group. Honest feedback!"
"Amazed by how much depth was covered. Definitely recommend."
"Interactive, comprehensive and inclusive."
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