NHS & UK Medical Regulation Video Tutorials


Develop your knowledge of The NHS and UK medical regulation with this online course.  2 hours of short bite-sized video tutorials.

  • 2 hours of video tutorials
  • How did we get where we are today?
  • Being a good doctor in the UK
  • Structures, finances & direction of The NHS
  • 60 day subscription
  • 2 CPD points


Overview of the NHS & UK Medical Regulation Video Tutorials

Watch this short introductory video to find out more.


What is the format?

The course consists of 25 short video tutorials.  Some are less than 3 minutes long and none are longer than 10.  So you can learn any time that you have a short gap and an internet connection available.

Once you have watched the videos, you complete a reflective learning statement.  Your CPD certificate of completion is then sent to you within 10 days of submitting your reflective learning statement for review.

What will I learn?

The tutorials are grouped together under 3 main headings:

  • Section 1: How did we get where we are today?
    • We outline the history and key events which have led to the system we have and the many challenges it faces.
  • Section 2:  Being a good doctor in the UK
    • We explain the key principles of being a good doctor in the UK along organisations, systems and process which are in place to support you.
  • Structures, finances and direction of The NHS
    • We clarify the key organisations and structures which make the NHS function, how the money flows, how this varies across the four home nations of the UK and the development strategies which are in play.

How do I access this distance learning material?

You receive an automated email with a link to access the course immediately after making your purchase. So you can get started right away. Once logged in you can access the course at any time from the link in your email or the ‘My Account’ section of our website.

Your subscription now gives you 60 days of unlimited access to the online course materials commencing from the date of purchase.

Is this course right for me?

As mentioned in the introductory video, every doctor has a moral and professional duty to understand they system in which they work.  This course is designed to help you with this.  It is equally relevant whether you are a doctor preparing for a medical interview or you are new to the UK system.

Please note:  This online course is provided as part of the following packages:

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