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Essentials of Medical Leadership & Management

1-day course. Get things done through taking the lead and managing people.  Includes exploring your leadership style, motivation, influence and dealing with under-performance.

On this one day Medical Leadership and Management course, we focus on the leadership and management of people. Our expert management consultants will help you identify your personal leadership style plus ways to improve your communication approach. You will discover how to get maximum performance from your team, exploring motivation, influence and balancing the potential conflicts arising from the needs for both creativity and consistency. We will also investigate the cause of, and solutions to under-performance.

The constantly changing world of modern healthcare demands that doctors begin the development of medical leadership and management skills from the earliest years in training, then to continually enhance and apply these skills throughout their career.

During the 1-day Oxford Medical Essentials of Medical Leadership & Management Course we specifically focus on the leadership and management of people. The material has been developed and refined through the years by our experienced Faculty of Tutors, with a major revision coming into effect in June 2016. To ensure that the content is rich in both depth and breadth, we have drawn from a wide range of healthcare reports and materials. As medical leadership and management is directly related to human behaviour and interactions, we have also looked outside the field of healthcare and we make good use of the best models, concepts and principles available. We take great care to ensure that this content is delivered in an interactive manner, to ensure that you can effectively apply what you learn during the course to your work as a doctor.

On the day, our expert management consultant will enable you to explore how teams develop, what the members of a team require and why things go wrong. We help you to identify your personal leadership and management style, to recognise the impact that this may have in different situations and introduce you to concepts which will support you to become more flexible. Next we focus on the subject of engagement, motivation and influence to equip you with the tools and methods which can be applied to meet a broad range of situations. Innovation and consistency are both essential in the modern medical world, so from June 2016 onwards we now dedicate a section of the day to this aspect of your work before turning attention to the challenge of dealing with under-performance. Along the way, we great care take care to give you the time to interact and learn from both your fellow delegates and your tutor. We also provide a balance between interactive, experiential-learning, offering you fresh input and giving you time to reflect to develop your own thoughts.

You will receive a copy of our book, The Essential Guide to Leadership & Management (retail price £29.99) as part of your delegate package. This supports your learning at the course as well as providing you with a valuable resource for future reference.

Essentials of Medical Leadership and Management is suitable for doctors of all levels, from foundation to consultant, with all delegates encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences resulting in a productive learning experience for all.

Accredited for 6 CPD points.

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Course Overview

  • 1 day interactive course
  • What makes a high performing team?
  • Leadership Style and how to adapt
  • Motivation and influence
  • Leading both creativity and consistency
  • Dealing with under-performance
  • Accredited for 6 CPD points
"Best course on the market. Previously I purchased another online course and also attended a course with other companies. This was way superior."
"I feel improved, encouraged, supported and motivated to flourish as a better teacher."
"Personalised and tailored to the needs of the group. Honest feedback!"
"Amazed by how much depth was covered. Definitely recommend."
"Interactive, comprehensive and inclusive."
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