Consultant Interview Preparation Options

Doctor being interviewed for a Consultant post

Achieving success at your Consultant Interview is the culmination of many years of hard work. However, the challenge of facing a panel of the most senior members of the recruiting organisation is a fairly unique experience. With so much at stake, it is essential to prepare well.

At Oxford Medical, we have been actively engaged in preparing doctors for interview since 2004. It is a cornerstone of our reputation. We now offer a number of support options for you to choose from. Each one is designed to support you in a different way. Here is a brief overview to help you choose the best option, or combination of options, to match your personal learning style, time availability and requirements.

Consultant Interview Course

The best option if you have a day available and like to learn with other people.

Our 1-day interactive course. This is a real as preparation gets as you experience a videoed mock interview. You also gain access to the Consultant Interview Preparation Pack as soon as you book. We run events across the UK or in our Virtual Training Room most weekends, each facilitated by an experienced NHS Consultant. To find out more about our Consultant Interview Course, click here.

Consultant Interview Online Course

The best option if you want to prepare in bite-size chunks or like to learn on your own.

This comprehensive course features a mix of text, infographics, video and interactive exercises. Take the opportunity to learn by watching doctors being interviewed and practise with video-based mock interviews. Our exercises utilise a coaching approach which supports you to prepare effectively. A subscription gives you 60 days of access to this course. To find out more about our Consultant Interview Online Course, click here.

Consultant Interview 1-to-1 Online Coaching

The best option if you want live practise and coaching – but can’t get to one of our courses.

An online session in our Virtual Training Room with one of our experienced NHS Consultants. They start with a 15 minute mock interview then spend the rest of the session coaching you for high performance. However, that is just the standard approach. We can tailor the session in any way you like. To find out about our Consultant Interview 1-to-1 Online Coaching, click here.

Consultant Interview Preparation Pack

The popular option utilised by around 500 doctors each year.

This pack includes an online version of our Consultant Interview Guide 2021-22 plus 25 short video tutorials to help you brush up on your knowledge of the NHS & UK Medical Regulation – that’s 2 hours of video material. In addition, we’ve collated our Medical Interview Preparation Online Library with a collection of links to useful external resources. A subscription gives you 60 days of access to the pack. To find out more about our Consultant Interview Preparation Pack, click here.

Please note: You receive the Consultant Interview Preparation Pack when you book either the Consultant Interview Course or a Consultant Interview 1-to-1 Online Coaching session.

Consultant Medical Interview Guide 2021-22

The book option which offers more than just reading – digital and print options versions available.

Our 205-page guide book is full of information – and a lot more. Combined with a variety of exercises, we provide a clear structure for you to follow to ensure that you are fully prepared for the big event. To find out about our Consultant Medical Interview Guide, click here.

Please note: If you book a place on one of our Consultant Interview Courses we provide you with a print copy (if attending in-person) of this guide book on the day you attend or a digital download (for courses in our virtual training room) at the time of purchase.

Online Career Development Collections

Refresh and sharpen your awareness in both breadth and depth.

Performing well at interview means being able to clearly communicate who you are as a person. That includes your knowledge skills and beliefs. How you work with people; how you organise yourself; how you support others to develop; how you interact with your patients. So it’s well worth revisiting these subject areas as a part of your preparation. We have a number of modular-based, interactive online courses to help and have collated these in different permutations. This helps you find the combination which best suits your individual needs. To see our range of Online Career Development Collections, click here.

Still thinking about it?

Well, you can always visit our Consultant Medical Interview Free Advice page. There’s a quick overview of the interview process along with some important dos and don’ts. And if you just need a little light relief from the pressure then visit our Insights page: Preparing for your Consultant Interview: Moving on from the Apprentice. If you’re still not sure, then contact us with your question. We’ll be happy to help.