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50% off online courses for medical students

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At what point should you start thinking about how you communicate with your patients? When should you start thinking about how to communicate with senior doctors? With other healthcare professionals? How to speak up, share ideas, resolve challenges and become a proactive team member? When should you start learning how to organise your time, resources and information? When should you start to think about playing an active part in addressing the healthcare system’s challenges? How can you begin to help other people become the best that they can be?

Start early to fulfill your potential

We believe that understanding yourself, understanding other people and understanding the healthcare system are essential elements in fulfilling your potential as a doctor. Focused development in the social scientific aspects of medical practice is every bit as essential as development in the natural sciences and the technological sciences. These beliefs are at the core of everything that we do at Oxford Medical. In addition, we believe that the earlier you start dedicating time to develop your skills, the better.

Kickstart your preparation for your Foundation Years

So, we’ve now launched an exclusive offer for Medical School Undergraduates – 50% off the cost of any of our instant-access, self-guided online courses. These include:

If you’re interested in studying more than one subject, then you can even use this offer to choose from our Online Career Development Collections.

How do I access this offer?

This offer is strictly for Medical School Undergraduates. So, to receive your discount code, we ask you complete our short declaration form to confirm that you are a Medical School Undergraduate and not in post-graduate training or registered as a qualified doctor.

Develop your abilities. Maximise your potential.

Stephen McGuire – Managing Director