Advanced Teach the Teacher: Presenting & Lecturing for Doctors

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Focus on your abilities to deliver presentations and lectures which engage your audience and make a difference.  Develop your skills with this 1-day workshop. Read More

  • 1 day interactive workshop
  • What makes a great presenter?
  • Planning content and materials
  • Preparing yourself
  • Practice in a safe, supportive environment
  • Identify tactics to improve your performance
  • Accredited for 6 CPD points
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Virtual Training Room 4th Feb 2022 08:45 - 17:00 £289.00



Virtual Training Room 2nd Apr 2022 08:45 - 17:00 £289.00



Virtual Training Room 23rd Sep 2022 08:45 - 17:00 £289.00



Virtual Training Room 29th Oct 2022 08:45 - 17:00 £289.00



Virtual Training Room 25th Nov 2022 08:45 - 17:00 £289.00



Virtual Training Room 16th Dec 2022 08:45 - 17:00 £289.00



Course Description

All dates for this course are currently taking place in our  Virtual Training Rooms. We use video meeting software to provide you with the same interactive experience as attending one of our other venues in-person. This means you receive the same CPD certificate as you would at any of our other venues. So you can book with confidence, choosing from the available dates listed above.

Advanced Teach the Teacher: Presenting & Lecturing for Doctors overview

Presenting & Lecturing for Doctors is a one-day workshop from the Advanced Teach the Teacher section of our Medical Teaching Skills range. Our focus here is on your delivery presentations and lectures for a broad range of healthcare contexts. We take an interactive workshop approach where we mix discussion of theory, observation, practice and feedback to help you develop skills and confidence.

Why this training?

Presenting and lecturing are common practices in healthcare.  Education is the obvious place to begin.  You may be involved in teaching or have to demonstrate learning.  You may want to share the output of some research.  Good Medical Practice explicitly states that doctors should both acquire and maintain competence in the practices of teaching.  There are also a number of other situations which become increasingly relevant as you progress through your career.  You may need to present a business case to decision makers or share some information, such as a new way of working, with your team.  Sometimes, if you are applying for a training or consultant post, you may be required to deliver a presentation to an interview panel.  Whatever your requirement, you want to be the best you can be, to truly engage your audience and to make a difference.  We have created Advanced Teach the Teacher: Presenting & Lecturing for Doctors to help you become the best you can be.

Choose Oxford Medical Training and join over 1,000 doctors who attend our various Teach the Teacher courses each year.

What will I learn?

During this interactive workshop, your experienced tutor will guide you to:

  • Establish what makes a great presenter and a great presentation
  • Develop structured approaches for planning content
  • Review the impact your non-verbal communication
  • Determine how to adapt your approach to suit presentation delivery in different contexts
  • Adopt an audience based approach to the creation and utilisation of materials
  • Explore possibilities for interactivity, even for large audiences
  • Clarify the limitations of this approach to teaching
  • Identify your best personal approaches to develop confidence
  • Improve your self-awareness including strengths and areas for improvement
  • Define actions for improvement

Please note: We will discuss when presenting or lecturing are the most effective approaches and when they are not.  Though we may mention these alternative approaches, developing your skills for other teaching methods, including tutorial groups, coaching or mentoring approaches are outwith the scope of this course.

Is this course right for me?

Are you a doctor who has gained some experience of teaching?  Or are you expecting to have to deliver a presentation for some reason in the near future?  Do you want to improve your confidence and ability to engage larger groups of people to get your message across?  Then this course is ideal for you.

It is relevant whether you are involved in teaching or wanting to communicate output of research.  The techniques and approaches explored can also be directly applied to presenting information to your team, at management meetings or business cases to senior decision makers.  Seniority and time qualified can be indicators of relevant experience levels. We also recognise that many less experienced doctors have great interest in teaching and self development. Have you been actively engaged in teaching and already enjoyed a more general Teach the Teacher course?  If so, we welcome you regardless of your grade. To book your place simply choose your date/location from the list lower down the page and enter your details.

As this is a teaching skills course, accredited by CPD Healthcare, your certificate of participation counts toward ST/CT interview scoring systems and CCT.

 What is the format

The course is facilitated as a 1-day workshop by a member of our experienced Faculty of Tutors. We limit numbers to just 8 delegates per event.  This enables a fully interactive approach where you learn from your fellow delegates as well as form your tutor. We share relevant theory, concepts and models with regular opportunities to experiment and share feedback in a safe environment.  You will have lots of opportunity to practice your skills and take feedback as well as to learn from observing others in action. We also offer you the option of making a video of you in action.  This let’s you continue your learning by reviewing your performance at a later date.

What other courses should I consider?

Teaching takes many forms. It ranges from lecturing large audiences, interacting with large groups and running small group tutorials to working directly with individuals. A differing skill set is required for each context.

Advanced Teach the Teacher: Presenting & Lecturing for Doctors is a 1-day workshop focused on developing your skills to engage with larger audiences. It is also worth considering :

  • Teach the Teacher Course for Doctors – Our renowned 2-day course exploring adult educational theory, 1-2-1 teaching, small group teaching and large group teaching, 12 CPD points.
  • Advance Teach the Teacher: Mentoring Skills for Doctors – An alternative or additional 1-day workshop to focus on your 1-to-1 teaching practice, 6 CPD points.
  • Teach the Teacher Online – Our 3 hour distance learning course guides you through he process to design, deliver and evaluate your teaching project. The instant access is an ideal option if you are pushed for time or can’t find a suitable date/location. 3 CPD points.