Training application points and Teach the Teacher

Young doctor confused by self assessment point scoring

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Completing your application for a training post can be a challenging task. You want to ensure that you stand out from the crowd by presenting the full breadth and depth of the experience that you’ve gained to date. by gaining the maximum points that you can. At the simplest level, this means scoring as many points on the self-assessment as you possibly can. However, it’s essential that you are honest when claiming your points and follow the guidance correctly.

Which course and how many points?

Unfortunately, this year, there’s been a bit of confusion the allocation for points for the various “Teach the Teacher” course formats. If you’ve already taken a course, then you will want to ensure you claim the correct number of points. Alternatively, if you are still considering which course to take then you want to ensure your make the best choice to achieve the highest score.

We can assure you that all of our courses are CPD accredited and are accepted as evidence of training for thousands of doctors every year.

It’s important to bear in mind that there are different scoring criteria in play for surgical and medical training programmes. Here’s a table to summarise the scoring for the most popular Medical Teaching Course options.

Oxford Medical CourseCPD pointsIMT Application PointsCST Application Points
Teach the Teacher Course for Doctors (2 days, tutor led in Virtual Classroom or In-Person)1213
Teach the Teacher Online Course311

For clarity, the following sections outline the differences between IMT and CST programmes to help you with this matter.

2024 IMT Recruitment – Application Scoring – Teaching

It’s fairly easy to interpret the guidance on the “Training in Teaching” table which you can find under the “Teaching” tab on the NHS IMT Recruitment Application Scoring webpages.

OptionScore availableNotes
I have been awarded a masters level teaching qualification.3This could be full time over one academic year or part-time over multiple years.
I have a higher qualification in teaching e.g. PG Cert or PG Diploma.2
I have had training in teaching methods which is below the level of a PG Cert or PG Diploma1This should be additional to any training received as part of your primary medical qualification.
I have had no training in teaching methods.0

We provide CPD courses, rather than qualifications. So, that’s clear that you score 1 point for either our tutor-led 2-day Teach the Teacher Course for Doctors or for our Teach the Teacher Online Course where you gain access to materials which you work through on your own or at your own pace.

2024 CST Self-Assessment Scoring – Training Qualifications

This is where most of the confusion has arisen this year. It’s not been helped by the fact that differing information was listed in different places and that some definitions were unclear. We contacted HEE to raise this issue and received a response from the Recruitment Officer, London and KSS NHS England who acknowledged there had been a delay in updating the HEE webpage. Thankfully, this now appears to be resolved and with amended information in the additional notes.

So, here’s the corrected and clarified information as it appears on the Training Experience section of the 2024 Core Surgical Training Self-Assessment Scoring Guidance for Candidates webpage for NHS England, Scotland and Wales as of 3rd November 2023.

I have a Teaching specific postgraduate qualification, for example, at least a PG Cert (ICSED level 4 and above). 5Not applicable
I have had substantial training (defined in additional notes) in teaching methods lasting at least 2 days. This could include a completed module which forms part of a postgraduate teaching qualification or masters level programme.3This does not include online only courses. Courses must have a face-to-face component.
I have had training in teaching methods1This should be additional to any training received as part of your primary medical qualification. This can be delivered virtually. 

It’s essential to check the “Additional notes” section for clarification in terms of what is considered “substantial training” for CST programmes. As of 3rd November 2024, these additional notes now state:

Substantial training is defined as formal training either face to face or virtual that should be of at least 2 full days in duration.”

That means, for CST programme applications, you can claim 3 points for our 2-day tutor-led Teach the Teacher Course for Doctors, whether that is taken in our Virtual Classroom or In-person, or 1 point for our Teach the Teacher Online Course where you gain access to materials which you work through on your own or at your own pace.

Other things to consider

Completing the application is only the first hurdle in achieving your training post. If you are successful in getting through to interview then you have the challenge of presenting yourself at your best during the intensive interview process. So, you need to gain as much experience in numerous areas between now and then. You will need to demonstrate your patient communication, team communication and leadership skills. Taking courses in these subjects will give you fresh input and help you to clarify your thinking. And it’s always worth considering a dedicated interview preparation course to help you pull everything together.

All the best with your application and continue to develop your abilities to maximise your potential.

Stephen McGuire – Managing Director