Medical CV Writing Guide


The definitive guide to writing your medical CV. Written by NHS consultants this 73 page guide is as comprehensive as they come.

  • Comprehensive guide to developing your medical CV
  • For doctors of all grades and specialities
  • Written in conjunction with NHS Consultants
  • Format, development and presentation
  • Detailed breakdown for each section of your CV
  • A demonstration CV template
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Writing your medical CV is vitally important. It is the first step in securing the post that you are seeking to further your career in the direction you desire. Even when the application process will be conducted through online application forms it is essential that you have your relevant information collected in a manner that you can adapt as required.

Your CV is the one document that contains detailed information about you and what you can offer your prospective employer. With medical jobs becoming increasingly competitive it is important to avoid the common errors and shortcomings that are responsible for most medical CV’s going in the “not to be short listed” pile. As you work through the book you are guided through the process of creating a water-tight document that is the stepping stone to a successful interview.

We describe how to make a difference, stand out from the crowd and sell yourself. The structure walks you through everything from style, what information should be entered where, giving you plenty of tips and templates to use for your medical CV.

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The Medical CV Writing Guide is only one product from our range of medical interview preparation courses, guides and online support. Order your copy today as the first step in securing your next role.


Chapter 1:  An introduction to writing your medical CV

1.01       About this book

1.02       Who is more likely to be invited to a medical interview?

Chapter 2: Format, development and presentation

2.01       What form should my CV take?

2.02       How frequently should I update my CV?

2.03       How many pages should my CV be?

2.04       What font should I use?

2.05       Should I use a footer?

2.06       What type of paper should I print my CV on?

2.07       How should I bind my CV?

2.08       Who should I get to look at my CV?

2.09       A quick summary of style points

Chapter 3: CV content

3.01       CV front page

3.02       Personal Details

3.03       Medical Qualifications

3.04       Medical Training

3.05       Specialist Medical Training

3.06       Resuscitation Training

3.07       Administration and Management

3.08       Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching

3.09       Medical Research

3.10       Publications

3.11       Presentations

3.12       Clinical Audit

3.13       Prizes and Awards

3.14       Recent Courses and Meetings

3.15       Society Memberships

3.16       Information Technology

3.17       Career Intentions

3.18       Hobbies & Interests

3.19       Referees

Appendix: Demonstration CV template

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