Consultant Interview Online Course


A comprehensive online course with text, video and interactive exercises.

  • A comprehensive online preparation course
  • Text, video and interactive exercises
  • Interview Observation Video Clips
  • Video-based Mock Interview Questions
  • 14 online modules
  • 3 CPD points


Consultant Interview Online Course overview.

The easiest way to find out about this course is to watch this 3 minute introduction video.


The Consultant Interview is quite different from any of the many exams and assessments which you have successfully completed in getting to this point in your career. We shall make sure that you know what to expect.

The interview panel want to find out about you. So, model answers don’t work. Rather than telling you what to say, we utilise a structured coaching approach which helps you identify the information, experiences and opinions that you want to share with your interviewers. We will prepare you to answer their questions in your own words. This is the way to present yourself at your very best.

To achieve this, we use a mix of text, video and interactive exercises which are sectioned into short, bite-sized modules. Your subscription now gives you 120 days’ access to the course materials.

Interview Observation Video Clips

There are 18 short Interview Observation video clips. Staged by actors, these video clips are recreations of the actual words spoken by real doctors who were taking part in our renowned Consultant interview courses. Watching these clips, you will see and hear what the interviewers see and hear. We encourage you to rate each doctor’s performance and we always outline what was good, what could have been better or what was problematic about each answer. This means you learn what the interviewers are looking for.

There’s plenty of advice and information in the text. When combined with the Interview Observation videos and the various coaching exercises, we help you identify what you want to say in your interview.

Video-based Mock Interview Questions

Of course, knowing what you want to say is one thing. Being able to say it, and being able to say it well, is another. So, we’ve included 50 video-based Mock Interview questions so that you can practise.  For these exercises, you watch and listen to our tutor ask their question and practise speaking your answer.  So you practise by replicating the interview process.

How much content is there?

In total, completing all work and exercises in the short modules will take you between 3 to 4 hours. If you’re in a rush, then you may want to do less, concentrating on the parts which interest you most. Alternatively, you can spend as long as you want, revisiting the material as often as you wish during the subscription is period. It’s entirely up to you.

Going beyond interview preparation

In working through this course, you will be considering your strengths and development needs. You will also consider actions you can take to improve the skills required to perform well in the Consultant role, once you have secured your position. So, it is accredited for 3 CPD points. You will receive your CPD certificate when you submit your overall reflective learning statement – details on how to do this are in the final module.

Is this course right for me?

This course is ideal if you want to prepare for your interview on your own.  You can choose to complete this in one intensive session, or spread it across weeks when you have gaps in your busy schedule.  If you are planning to, or have already attended one of our Consultant Interview Courses , where you have the opportunity to learn in a group environment with feedback from a tutor, then this online course provides a valuable additional resource to help you perform at your best.

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