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Medical Leadership and Management

Doctors discussing leadership & management

Medical leadership and management is of growing importance to today’s doctors and tomorrow’s consultants. Our methods and materials are all fully referenced, externally assessed and accredited by CPD Healthcare.  All information, concepts and models are explored in a manner which enable’s you to apply them directly to your role as a doctor. Our suite of courses includes a number 1-day through to 5-day options. Each has a different focus so you can choose any one or any combination to match your personal requirements.



  • 3 Day Medical Leadership & Management Course third day

    3 Day Leadership & Management Course for Doctors

    Birmingham, London Grange Langham Court
    • 3 day interactive course
    • The leadership of people in healthcare
    • Motivation and influence for high performance
    • Managing time and resources for optimal impact
    • Analysis, planning and implementation
    • Explore the NHS – improve everyday leadership
    • Accredited for 18 CPD points
    CPD Points 18CourseFrom £697


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  • 5-Day Career Development

    5 Day Career Development Course for Doctors

    London Grange Langham Court
    • Combines our popular Teach the Teacher and Leadership & Management courses
    • Teaching theory and practice for 1-2-1, small groups and large groups
    • Getting things done through taking the lead
    • Management of people, projects and resources
    • Learn about the system you work within to optimise your impact
    • Accredited for 30 CPD points
    CPD Points 30CourseFrom £999


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  • A tutor leading Essentials of Leadership and Management

    Essentials of Medical Leadership & Management

    Birmingham, London Bloomsbury, London Grange Langham Court, Manchester Deansgate
    • 1 day interactive course
    • What makes a high performing team?
    • Leadership Style and how to adapt
    • Motivation and influence
    • Leading both creativity and consistency
    • Dealing with under-performance
    • Accredited for 6 CPD points
    CPD Points 6CourseFrom £289


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  • Doctors discussing everyday leadership and the NHS

    Everyday Medical Leadership & The NHS

    Birmingham, London Grange Langham Court
    • 1-day course
    • Explore the NHS – improve everyday leadership
    • The conflicting challenges facing the NHS
    • Drivers, reactions and experiences of change
    • History, structures and finances of the NHS
    • Clarify your role in addressing the challenges
    • Accredited for 6 CPD points
    CPD Points 6CourseFrom £289


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  • Doctors enjoying an Oxford Medical Leadership & Management course

    Practical Leadership & Management Course for Doctors

    Birmingham, London Grange Langham Court
    • One day course
    • Organising people, projects and resources
    • Review and Root cause analysis
    • Quality improvement planning and implementation
    • Time management and delegation
    • Managing yourself for optimum impact
    • Accredited for 6 CPD points
    CPD Points 6CourseFrom £289


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  • Screenshots of Influence & Negotiation Skills Course
    • Difficult conversations
    • Negotiating with differing priorities
    • Dealing with Conflict
    • Making change easy
    • 2hrs of video, text and activities
    • 2 CPD points
    CPD Points 2Online Course£120


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  • Accessing Healthy Teams in Healthcare on different devices
    • 1 hour online course with 60 days access
    • Explore models related to team development, function and performance
    • Consider team related issues and solutions
    • Assess your own team(s) and your involvement
    • Identify areas for further development
    • Accredited for 1 CPD point
    CPD Points 1Online Course£40


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  • Hot topics video subscription
    • 30 day subscription
    • 3 hour of online video
    • 40 Short tutorials
    • NHS Hot Topics
    • UK healthcare regulation
    • Delivered by experienced NHS Consultants
    Online Course£39.99


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  • Screenshots from Online Medical Leadership & management and Influence & Negotiation Skills courses
    • Combine two courses to save £50
    • Online Medical Leadership & Management
    • Influence & Negotiation Course
    • Difficult conversations, conflict, make change easy
    • Text, video, animations, activities
    • 5 CPD points in total
    CPD Points 5Online Course£250


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  • Images from Online Career Development Bundle 1
    • Combine two courses for a special price
    • Online Medical Leadership & Management
    • Teach the Teacher Online
    • Text, video, animation and exercises
    • 60 days of access
    • 6 CPD points in total
    CPD Points 6Online Course£300


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"Best course on the market. Previously I purchased another online course and also attended a course with other companies. This was way superior."
"I feel improved, encouraged, supported and motivated to flourish as a better teacher."
"Personalised and tailored to the needs of the group. Honest feedback!"
"Amazed by how much depth was covered. Definitely recommend."
"Interactive, comprehensive and inclusive."
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