Avoid the rush – Book with confidence!

October and November are traditionally very busy months for us at Oxford Medical. As the windows for training post applications open, we suddenly get a huge surge in course bookings. Everyone wants to get that certificate to use as evidence to gain that extra point on their application form. Added to this, end of year point for doctors to have set a deadline for appraisal, CCT or CESR related goals. This creates even more demand.

We’ve come to expect this surge. So, we work with our tutors, scheduling more courses during October and November than we do at any other time of year. Unfortunately, every year, we have some doctors who leave things too late and end up disappointed. Leaving it too late means you may find that the courses on dates you’d like to attend are fully booked.

That can be stressful. Having to arrange swaps to shifts with colleagues or change family plans to match up with available dates. But again, courses can often be booking so fast at this time of year that those precious spaces disappear before you can confirm your new arrangements.

The good news is that we work closely with our Faculty of Tutors and do what we can to add additional dates where possible. At the same time, we strictly adhere to the maximum numbers on our courses. We do this to conform with our CPD accreditation and to maintain quality of experience for everyone. We’re often asked “Can you not just make and extra space and add me on please?” Unforturtunately, we have to politely decline. We do, however, offer to add you to a waiting list and contact you if there are cancellations. But there are no guarantees that space will become available.

In-person, Virtual classroom or Online course?

Of course, being tied to specific dates only applies to tutor led courses, either in-person or in our Virtual Classrooms. These tutor led courses provide you with a live and interactive group learning experience.

Our range of self-study online courses offer an alternative approach. With these options, you learn on your own, when you want, where you want and still gain a CPD certificate. You simply subscribe to the course and gain immediate access to the interactive materials. You then find a mix of video, text, infographics and reflective exercises which we’ve created to ensure you have a high quality and engaging learning experience. It’s entirely up to you how you take your course . You can do it all in one concentrated sitting, or dip in and out, revisiting as often as you want across the time period where your subscription is live. Click here to explore our range of online courses.

It’s worth noting that when you book one of our Virtual Classroom courses, we typically include a relevant online course as part of your package. This expands the breadth and depth of your learning experience. It also offers you the ability to gain an additional CPD certificate.

The simple solution?

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Avoid the rush. Book with confidence and book early!

It’s been a challenging year to say the least. So, to make things easier, we’ve held our prices steady in recent years. We’ve also created packages of online courses, have flexible payment options in place and made temporary changes to our Transfer and Cancellation Policy. Click hear to read more.

Develop your abilities. Maximise your potential.

Stephen McGuire – Managing Director.