Everyday Medical Leadership & The NHS

Improve your everyday medical leadership and influence. Learn how to interact with the system you work within via this interactive 1-day course. Read More

Everyday Medical Leadership & The NHS
  • 1-day course
  • Virtual Training Room & in-person dates available
  • Explore the conflicting challenges facing the NHS
  • Drivers, reactions and experiences of change
  • Clinical Governance
  • History, structures and finances of the NHS
  • Clarify your role in addressing the challenges
  • 6 CPD points. Accredited by the FMLM
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Location Date Price Availability Quantity
Virtual Training Room 2nd Oct 2021 08:30 - 17:00 £299.98

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Manchester - AC Hotel by Marriott Manchester City Centre 16th Oct 2021 08:30 - 17:00 £289.00



Birmingham - Conference Aston 13th Nov 2021 08:30 - 17:00 £289.00



London - Langham Court Hotel 27th Nov 2021 08:30 - 17:00 £299.00



Manchester - AC Hotel by Marriott Manchester City Centre 4th Dec 2021 08:30 - 17:00 £289.00



Course Description

FMLM Accredited Course Marque

Lifting of restrictions means that we are now able to offer courses both in-person and in our  Virtual Training Rooms. For in-person courses, we are limiting delegate numbers below our regular level as we ease back toward normality. Our Virtual Training Room courses use video meeting software to provide you with the same interactive experience as attending one of our other venues in-person. This means you receive the same CPD certificate as you would at any of our other venues. So you can choose your preference with confidence from the available dates listed above.

Course overview

Everyday Medical Leadership & The NHS, our 1-Day course for doctors, maps directly to the Medical Leadership Competency Framework which was developed by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and the NHS Leadership Academy. It is one of a set of three distinct one-day courses from our Medical Leadership & Management category.

The challenge: The NHS is the world’s 5th largest employer. Can the actions of any individual doctor really make a difference? You may often be able to see what is wrong in your immediate surroundings and what you want to improve, but how? It is true that every moment of direct patient care is the end point of numerous processes of planning, financing and communication with a myriad of stakeholders involved. It is, however, also the culmination of the small actions and decisions made on a daily basis by each and every individual involved. To quote Sir Bruce Keogh, esteemed former National Medical Director: doctors have a ‘moral and professional responsibility’ to understand the system in which they practise. This is the key to becoming a proactive, engaged contributor.

The solution: When you attend this course you will explore the system which you work within – past, present and future – identifying the everyday leadership actions which you can take to make a difference.

What will I learn?

We believe that its important to go beyond the facts. We know that you need to be capable of taking actions which make a genuine difference to outcomes, efficiency and experience. The headline topics are as follows:

  • The conflicting challenges facing the UK’s healthcare system
    • From expectations, finances, politics and morale we look at the issues from a broad range of viewpoints
    • Defining the issues and why they have arisen
  • Drivers, reactions and experiences of change – from Government to your daily practice
    • What are the drivers of change
    • How to choose your response to change
    • Clinical Governance
  • The history of the NHS
    • How did the current system develop
    • What can we learn from this to make us stronger today and in the future?
  • Clarifying the structures of the NHS
    • Who does what in the NHS?
    • What are the differences across the UK?
      • Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales all take different approaches. We compare and contrast the four systems.
  • Finance and the NHS
    • Where does the money come from and where does it go?
    • What impact can any single doctor have, regardless of current grade?
  • Going forward
    • How can I make good use of what I have learned?

Is this course right for me?

We will share with you the information and stimulate your thinking to enable you to make a genuine difference.  The reasons for doctors attending this course are broad and varied with the range of personal outcomes for individual delegates include:

  • improve ability to engage with colleagues when change is being imposed,
  • developing clear opinions ahead of a forthcoming interview,
  • taking your first steps to engage with the various bodies which constitute ‘the NHS’.

To repeat the words of Sir Bruce Keogh, all doctors have a ‘moral and professional responsibility’ to understand the system in which they practice. The emphasis is upon everyday leadership. Whether you are in your foundation years, middle grade, consultant level or new to the UK, our course will support you to consider your current practice and how you can best participate and to be part of the solution.

Many doctors use their certificate from this course as evidence of leadership and management training to support their application for CT, IMT or ST programmes, to gain their CESR or to achieve their CCT.

What is the format?

Your tutor will be a member of our faculty who has a thorough working knowledge of the healthcare system in the UK. Most often this is an experienced NHS Consultant level doctor. There will be a maximum of 18 delegates at each event to ensure that attending the course is a genuine interactive experience. Starting time is 09:00 and the day will typically end 16:30-17;00, dependent on delegate numbers and interaction.

You will also receive a copy of our comprehensive book A Guide to Medical Leadership & the NHS 2020-21 as part of your delegate package (retail price £49.99).  This is the print edition when you attend the course in-person and the digital version when you book a Virtual Training Room course. It supports your learning during the course and also provides an excellent resource for future reference.

Dare you be optimistic for the NHS?

What other courses should I consider?

Through our Medical Leadership & The NHS 1-day course you will improve your everyday leadership by learning how to interact with the system you work within. If you would like to consider other courses from our Medical Leadership & Management range as additions or alternatives then we recommend looking at the following options:

One further option to consider, as either an alternative or add-on, is the Medical Leadership & Management Online CourseIt lets you learn and gain 3 CPD points whenever the time suits you.  Choose to do it in short bursts or in one sitting.