Need a course by a deadline?

Sometimes, deadlines seem to appear out of the blue. Sometimes, we know they were coming but have crept up on us while we were busy doing other things. And sometimes, we discover that it’s not possible to do what we thought would be straight-forward within the time available.

At Oxford Medical Training, we’re getting a lot of calls from doctors who want or need to take a course by a deadline. It may be for an application for a training post, for an appraisal or to complete a training programme. the good news is that we are running more courses than ever. But these courses are also booking up faster and further ahead than ever. We take it as a great compliment that so many are trusting us with their development requirements. Unfortunately, some doctors are disappointed to find that we are fully booked for the courses they want to take in time for their deadline. Does this apply to you? What can you do?

Solution #1

Over the past few years, we’ve developed our range of Online Courses. There are a broad range of subjects to choose from including:

These provide you with the opportunity to gain instant access to an accredited course. You work through the material on your own and you should expect to spend around around 2-4 hours to complete. We list the estimate times on the relevant course pages on this website. Once you have finished, you send us your Reflective Learning Statement or Workbook which you find within the course and we return your CPD certificate. So that’s a quick way to gain evidence of training with a certificate for 2-3 CPD points, dependent on which course you take. And if you want to study more than one topic, then our Online Career Development Bundles are an excellent cost saving option.

Solution #2

You can still book a course in our Virtual Training Room for a date that is later than your deadline. When you do this, you also receive instant access a relevant Online Course as part of your package. So you can complete the Online Course immediately and gain a certificate as described above. You can then also use your booking confirmation as supporting evidence for your application or appraisal. Once you have participated in the Virtual Training Room course with a tutor and a group of other doctors you receive another CPD certificate. This means you have two separate certificates as the Online Course and Virtual Training Room Courses each have their own distinct accreditation.

And if you keep missing deadlines?

Well, that could be a sign that you need to do a bit of work on your time-management skills! And we can help you there too because that’s a topic we focus upon in our Practical Leadership & Management Course for Doctors.

Courses are booking fast. So if you can see a date available for the subject that interests you, it’s better to book your place sooner, rather than later.

Stephen McGuire – Managing Director