New team doctor? Free online CPD course to help you prepare

Please note: this offer has now ended.

Doctors joining a new teamWhy are we offering our 1 hour CPD course free of charge?

‘August is here.  For the population at large attention is being directed towards holidays, enjoying longer hours of daylight and making the most of the great outdoors.  In sharp contrast to this season of relaxation, August presents a very different stage in the annual cycle for doctors working in hospital.’

These were the words that we used a few years ago to open our blog-post titled August: A challenging time for doctors. In that piece we considered the potential stress and drama that occurs each year at the beginning of this month. Hospital wards across the UK welcome a fresh cohort of inexperienced university leavers who are taking a major step in their development as a doctor. At the same time, many other junior doctors are beginning their next rotation.

“Unfamiliar surroundings; new people; abilities being tested and stretched.  What could be more exciting!” was the closing line from that blog-post.

Whether you are beginning your very first placement, are changing to a new team or you are an experienced team leader the resulting team transitions make August an excellent time for all involved to pause for thought. There are many questions to consider in relation to the function and development of the team and the role that you play.

  • How can I best prepare?
  • What do my colleagues need?
  • How do I let them know what I need?
  • How is the team developing?
  • What can go wrong?
  • How do we avoid the pitfalls and make ourselves stronger?

To do our bit to help we have decided to give free access to our popular 1-hour online CPD accredited course Healthy Teams in Healthcare to everyone until 12th August 2018.

Click here for your free access to Healthy Teams in Healthcare

Accessing Healthy Teams in Healthcare on different devicesAbout Healthy Teams in Healthcare

During this online course, which would normally cost £40, you will be introduced to various models related to the development, function and dysfunction of teams. You will explore various aspects of these models, clarifying both how issues arise and the solutions to help avoid or resolve these challenges. You will then complete the Healthy Team Member Self-Assessment which will support you to consider the various strengths and challenges within your own team. Once you have completed and submitted the reflective learning statement at the end of the course you will have identified where you need to focus your attention, along with actions to improve your involvement and/or strengthen your team for the benefit of all concerned.

At the end of the course you will be asked to complete a reflective learning statement, submitting this to Oxford Medical Training in order to receive your CPD certificate.

We’d also encourage you to share this link with your friends and colleagues. Sharing and discussing your results together could prove to be the first steps in making significant progress to your integration into the team, to your leadership, or to your team’s development.

Click here for your free access to Healthy Teams in Healthcare.