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Consultant Interview Tips

Medical Interview Preparation Tips

Important areas for preparation can be broken down into:


•    Knowing about yourself

•    Knowing about the job, including the hospital and area

•    Knowing about the NHS

Consultant Interview


When asked a question on any of these three topics, an effective answer outlines the correct factual information that is then used to convey a reasonable opinion.
  Poor answers fail to follow this simple principle.  In order to develop an opinion you need to fully

understand both sides and views of a particular topic.  Opinions that are not based on factual information are ineffective.

To help you with your interview preparation, we have dedicated a page to each of these topics on our website, so follow the links to find out more.


Distance Learning

oxford-medical-blueEstablished in 2004, Oxford Medical Training first gained a formidable reputation for preparing doctors for interview via our Medical Interview Courses which continue to this day. We now offer a range of career-development courses on Communication, TeachingAppraisal and Leadership and Management. We hold regular events throughout the UK and offer distance learning through written materials and online modules. Our open courses, booked directly by doctors themselves, form the bulk of our current work. We also deliver in house training to NHS Trusts and private healthcare organisations and this is a rapidly growing area of our business.