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Consultant Interview Tips

Medical Interview Preparation Tips

Important areas for preparation can be broken down into:


•    Knowing about yourself

•    Knowing about the job, including the hospital and area

•    Knowing about the NHS

Consultant Interview


When asked a question on any of these three topics, an effective answer outlines the correct factual information that is then used to convey a reasonable opinion.
  Poor answers fail to follow this simple principle.  In order to develop an opinion you need to fully

understand both sides and views of a particular topic.  Opinions that are not based on factual information are ineffective.

To help you with your interview preparation, we have dedicated a page to each of these topics on our website, so follow the links to find out more.


Distance Learning

oxford-medical-blueOxford Medical runs weekly Consultant Interview Skills Courses in Oxford and London. Small group sizes, NHS consultant tutors and optional video-recorded performance analysis give you the best possible training. We also provide ST / CT Interview Preparation Courses, a CV writing guide, distance learning, teaching courses, management training and communication skills training throughout the UK. Call us on 0131 526 3700 to find out more.